In the Bahir Dar region of Ethiopia, there are 31,904 boys and girls attending primary and preparatory schools and are in desperate need of current text and reference books.

And thanks to the supporters of Bread and Water for Africa® 22,000 books in a 40-foot shipping container are on the way.

Bahir Dar University, a public university founded 56 years ago, is among the most prestigious in the country, is partnering with Bread and Water for Africa® to distribute the books to 20 schools in three different towns.

“Although these 20 schools have libraries, they are not fully furnished with contemporary books that would expand students’ knowledge, skills and attitudes,” says Bahir Dar University spokesperson Abiy Menkir Gizaw. “As their libraries are not fully furnished, students are not using the libraries as expected. With the coming of these books, it is expected that the number of students using the libraries will increase significantly.”