Phyllis Keino, our international spokesperson and founder and director of the Lewa Children’s Home in Kenya, is the mother to more than 235 orphans – including one little girl named Sheba who is almost 10 years old.

Sheba was born with physical deformities of her hands and legs and abandoned when she was 1-year-old. She was suffering from malnourishment, pneumonia and sickle cell anemia. After being brought to Lewa and nursed back to health, it was discovered that she is also deaf and mute.

Today, thanks to the supporters of Bread and Water for Africa®, Phyllis told us that Sheba is “a joyous girl who always has a hug to spare”. She always has a smile on her face and a happy outlook on life. She integrated into the school community where she is treated no different from other students. Sheba attends classes at a specialized school for the hearing impaired, ensuring that she will have every opportunity for success as she overcomes her challenges in life.