Kady is a 75-year-old widow living in the small village of Tenithun in rural Sierra Leone who since the passing of her husband six years ago has been surviving as a substance farmer, depending on the food she grows for herself and her son on her small tract of land.

It was a spartan life, but a happy one. That is until a small cut on her foot became infected, and then septic which quickly, and painfully, began to eat away at the flesh on her foot leaving her unable to put any weight on it at all.

With no money for medical treatment, Kady did not know where to turn for help, but she knew she could not let the infection, which could even prove fatal if left untreated, continue to spread.

However, her situation changed drastically the day a friend stopped by, and seeing the condition of Kady’s foot, told her of a clinic in the town of Bunumbu about 10 miles away operated by our longtime partner, Faith Healing Development Organization, where she could receive free medical treatment.

Accompanied by her son, Kady was transported to the clinic where received the necessary treatment for her ailing foot, and within three weeks it had healed completely and she was back on her feet and able to walk properly without pain again for the first time in months.

Kady had nothing but grateful praise for the dedicated clinic medical staff for their caring treatment of her foot and the supporters of Bread and Water for Africa® who made it all possible.

I now feel great after months of going through this terrible pain. I can now return to my farming again and take care of myself and my child.”

For us at Bread and Water for Africa®, we are very grateful to our donors and supports who continuously support our healthcare program for more than 20 years.