school2-zambiatnAlthough the Kaweza village lies just 40 minutes outside of the bustling capital of Lusaka, Zambia – it is like entering a different world. Completely disconnected from the capital and other infrastructural necessities like roads, healthcare, and education, Bread and Water for Africa has worked with the community to build a clinic and a school to cater to the families and children in the village. Today, the Amali School provides the first stepping stone for children in Kaweza to break free from the embedded cycles of poverty.

school2-zambiaThe Amali School provides 80 children in the Kaweza village of Zambia with the early education they need to set them on a path for learning and success. The school was built by Bread and Water for Africa®, thanks to your support. We provide ongoing financial support while our partners at the Kabwata Orphanage and Transit Centre oversee the school’s activity.

Currently, they are collaborating with the two school teachers to identify necessary learning materials like notebooks, lesson books, and basic items like chalk and writing instruments. Class resumed at the Amali School on May 13 for the second term and your support today could help them obtain those necessities in time for the final term of this academic year. Kaweza village suffers from a cycle of extreme poverty, despite being located just outside the capital city. Your dollar can go a long way for these children and their future!