Sometimes out of the worst situations and darkest days, a bright light is able to shine, and little Belitha is an example of just that.

She was only 9 years old when she arrived at the Kabwata Orphanage and Transit Centre, a longtime partner of Bread and Water for Africa® that provides a loving home for the country’s orphaned, abandoned and destitute children – just like Belitha.

“Her mother was in prison for murder,” we were told by Katwata executive director Angela Miyanda, who added that Belitha had never spent a single day of her life in school.

However, in addition to making sure the young girl had plenty of food and a place to call home, she also enrolled Belitha into a local elementary school, made possible through the Bread and Water for Africa® school fee assistance program.

Although she literally had a lot to learn, Belitha excelled in the classroom and promptly graduated to year two.

When her mother was released from prison, the two were reunited and we are able to continue Belitha’s education while she and her mother get settled back in to each other’s lives.

While we don’t know the circumstances of her mother’s imprisonment and release, we place our full faith in Angela in the knowledge that she knows what’s best for Belitha – and that is for her to remain in school and work towards a brighter future.

Because of people like you, Belitha had a home in what was the worst time in her very young life, and once her immediate needs were met, the opportunity for an education.

And as Angela puts it: “An opportunity she never had before.”