Board and Staff

Bethelhem Tessema, Executive Director   The mission Bread and Water for Africa® is very personal to me. As a veteran of our parent organization Christian Relief Services Charities, Inc., I do know the accountability and efficiency of our programs. Having been born and raised in Africa, I know firsthand the struggles that many of Africa’s children face every day. In addition, I know how a little support can make a big long-term impact for many people across Africa. I am also a big advocate for sustainable programs and from my years at Bread and Water for Africa®, I can proudly say that we focus our mission and efforts towards that goal.

site_images_staff_phyllisPhyllis Keino, Volunteer Spokesperson and Founder and Director of Lewa Children’s Home and Kipkeino School Phyllis began caring for orphaned Kenyan children in the early 1960s. Since then she has been a tireless advocate for Africa’s children, founding the Lewa Children’s Home and the Kipkeino School. For the last seven years she has also served as the volunteer spokesperson for Bread and Water Africa®, travelling all over the world to spread the message about our work – she was recently being honored in Canada with the International Alliance for Women (TIAW) World of Difference 100 award for her unwavering commitment to the children of Kenya.





Board of Directors:

James J. O’Brien, Esq., Chairman

Clyde B. (CB) Richardson Treasurer

Eugene L. Krizek, Director (Founder, President Emeritus)

Robert J. Hisel, Jr., Director

Thomas M. (Tom) O’Brien, Director

Frank Stitely, CPA, Director

Rear Admiral Eric C. Jones, Director

Reverend Dr. Ketlen A. Solak, Director

Colonel John F. Williams, Director

Elayne Silversmith (Dine’), Director  

Corporate Officers:

Bryan L. Krizek, President/CEO

Paul E. Krizek, Esq.,Vice President/General Counsel

Bieu Do, Chief Financial Officer

Nhi Ho Cao, Secretary