Abomvomba is a small village of about 650 residents about 22 miles from the much larger city of Ebolowa in Cameroon, places it’s likely very few Americans have ever heard of.

Recently at Bread and Water for Africa® we first heard of Abomvomba from our partner in the country, Hope Services, about the great need for water for the people there.

“So, it is essentially a poor population,” says Esther Ndichafah, CEO of Hope Services. “That is why Hope Services has been involved with this community through medical missions, community education and development programs since 2017.”

Today, thanks to our supporters, we are pleased to report that the 60-meter deep borehole has been drilled saving the roughly 650 children, youth, women and men of the village from the drudgery of fetching water from an unsafe source.

As Esther reported upon its completion, “It is an absolute necessity. The community had no clean source of water to rely on except having to travel 2 kilometers (1.6 miles).

“Basic drinking water was a luxury for them.”

That former “luxury” is now a daily way of life, but it is in no way being taken for granted because it will be a long time before the residents of Abomvomba forget the “bad old days” without water in their village.

In addition, Esther pointed out that the new borehole has been a boon for the residents of the nearby village where Abomvomba residents previously had to go to get water.

“The neighboring community has more use and ease over their own borehole which was formerly crowded at times by villagers from Abomvomba.

“Operation achieved!”