In Ethiopia, Kenya, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe there are millions of young boys and girls who walk long distances to school, eager for an education that will bring a better life for themselves, their families, their communities and their countries.

And today, many of those boys and girls will become leaders in the governments of their countries – even as president – as well as in business, medicine and human services.

KipKeino SchoolThat is why since 1997 education has been one of our top priorities working with our partners including the Haramaya University in Ethiopia where we have shipped thousands and thousands of books to be used by tens of thousands of students, the Kipkeino Primary School in Kenya where our international spokesperson Phyllis Keino operates one of the best primary schools in the entire country, the Waterloo School in Sierra Leone, operated by our partner there, Faith Healing Development Organization, which during the past year we are helping to transform from a ramshackle building into a school they can be proud of, and Zimbabwe where our partner Shinga Development Trust sponsored orphaned and abandoned children’s educations by paying their school fees with help from Bread and Water for Africa®.

We here at Bread and Water for Africa® realize that educating Africa’s children now will pay off great dividends in many ways as the youth mature into successful adults tomorrow.

It’s an investment that with your generous support we are proud to be able to make.