A gift to Kenyan Children- Thank you! Asante Sana!

A gift to Kenyan Children- Thank you! Asante Sana!

For many years, Richard “Dick” Landis has been partnering with Bread and Water for Africa® to help improve the lives of Kenyan children.

First was his support of the Lewa Children’s Home, the Kipkeino Primary School and Baraka Farm, all integrated under the direction of Bread and Water for Africa® international spokesperson Phyllis Keino.

A successful retired businessman and track coach, Landis and his wife, Toini, have committed the biggest part of his retirement to working in Kenya, so far making the 18-hour trip some 40 times, notes a 2017 article in the Cornell College alumni magazine, his alma mater.

As noted in the article, he and Toini created a foundation to support their efforts which is building a high school and medical clinic with one of his former runners, a tribal elder.

That school is Kebeneti Secondary School in the town of Kericho where Bread and Water for Africa® and Mr. Landis have been partnering together for the past few years, first getting the start-up school established and then working on improvements and upgrades year after year.

Kebeneti opened in 2015 with 50 students, and has new grown to an enrollment of 480, where girls outnumber boys 244 to 236.

That former runner and tribal elder, Titus Korir, noted that the opening of the school four years ago was necessary because there was no secondary school in the area forcing children who had graduated from primary school who lived in the community to walk many miles to the nearest secondary school to continue their education.

Since the opening of the school, Bread and Water for Africa® has teamed up with Mr. Landis to construct six classrooms, as well as the construction of a chemistry lab and physics lab, which we then equipped with modern equipment.

Mr. Landis was quick to recognize the generous contributions of Unilever and the Finley Trust who supporting equipping the labs. “They were very helping with the labs,” he told us.

To accommodate the rapidly growing student body population, we are now in the process of constructing four more additional classrooms.

Most recently, we have just completed the construction of a dining hall and kitchen which was celebrated in grand style with a ceremony commending Bread and Water for Africa® and Mr. Landis on November 24 with ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by Mr. and Mrs. Landis.

In a card written by a student, the student wrote:

To Landis family,

Wow! Thank you for the lovely gift! Thank you for your kindness; thank you for being the person you are.

You are a person who makes life easier and better for everyone in need.

You put others before yourself, making us feel special and important! It is a privilege and a please to know you Bread and Water for Africa!

We appreciate you Bread and Water for Africa ®. We thank you Mr. and Mrs. Landis.

A plaque on the exterior of the dining hall, known as “Landis Hall,” states: “The construction of this hall was funded with donations from Mr. Richard Landis of Montana, USA, and Bread and Water for Africa. It was officially opened by Richard Landis and his wife Toini on Sunday, 24th November 2019.”

As Mr. Korir stated in his request for assistance in constructing the dining hall, “The dining hall and kitchen are essential as students are currently eating lunch outside and their meals are being cooked in temporary shade.”

He also noted in addition to having a place for the nearly 500 students to sit

down together at lunchtime, the hall will also be used for school assemblies and as a concert hall.

Education is the Future!

Education is the Future!

Kamera’s mother and father are hardworking and just like all parents in Sierra Leone and around the world only want the best for their beloved 11-year-old son.

Even with a relatively good job as a police officer, and with the extra money brought into the household by his mother through the selling of rice, pepper and other items at the local market, they barely get by with enough to eat and paying other required expenses.

Paying school fees for Kamera was something they could only dream about.

That is until the supporters of Bread and Water for Africa® stepped up for Kamera and hundreds of other young boys and girls through their compassion and generosity enabling them to attend school.

Because of them, we were able to assist our longtime partner in the country, Faith Healing Development Organization (FHDO), construct the Logos Academy, Lumley Campus, where Kamera  is today in the fifth-grade learning to read and write, do math and science.

“Kamera  has always had the passion to become a medical doctor but his parents could not afford to pay the fees for an expensive private school,” reported FHDO executive director Rev. Francis Mambu.

And that’s exactly the reason Bread and Water for Africa® partnered with Rev. Mambu to not only construct the school, but to make it affordable for working parents like Kamera’s and provide school fees for orphaned and destitute children who have no one who could even pay minimal school fees.

“During the 2018-2019 academic year, Kamera ’s parents were able to enroll him at Logos Academy where the school fees are extremely affordable to enable him to pursue his dream of becoming a medical doctor,” said Rev. Mambu.

Kemera told us that not only was he thrilled to learn that he would be attending the Logos Academy, but his experience there has exceeded all his high expectations.

“The teachers of Logos Academy are very accommodating and committed which has helped me improve my school performance in the past two years,” he said.

“I appreciate Rev. Mambu and the supporters of Bread of Water for Africa® so much for establishing this school.”

Instead of wasting his days with no hope for a bright future, because of the supporters of Bread and Water for Africa® he is filling his mind with the knowledge he will need to be a successful, self-reliant adult with one day children of his own to love, care for and send to school, as he heads off to work as a medical doctor.

For us at Bread and Waiter for Africa ®, it will be a rewarding journey to see a young boy like Kamera become a successful doctor in the future.

Transforming the Lives of Children in Kibera

Transforming the Lives of Children in Kibera

Kuda was born in the small Kenyan village of Jera in 2007 and never knew her father who left before she was born.

It was a struggle for her mother raising Kuda and her three siblings to ensure all the children got enough to eat.

“This was a big challenge for the jobless mother who would walk door-to-door in search of any manual jobs to sustain her family,” reported Patrick Odongo, project leader of the Seed School, Bread and Water for Africa® newest partner in the country. “In a rural environment where poverty knocks on all doors and unemployment is rife, Kuda stared at the future with uncertainty.

“Life was difficult and hopes were fast fading.”

Things started looking up for Kuda when her mother found work at a nearby elementary school in exchange for enrolling her in school.

But then Kuda’s mother’s health deteriorated quickly, leaving the 6-year-old orphaned.

“Kuda’s life sank even deeper being left with her minor brothers who could not support her in any way,” said Patrick.

However, when he learned of her plight, he managed to bring her to Nairobi to attend the Seed School and her bleak life turned bright.

“Today, Kuda is able to attend studies every day and benefit from the feeding program that we offer at the Seed School,” Patrick reported.

And at Bread and Water for Africa® we are working to raise funds necessary to provide for two meals each school day for Carol and more than 100 of her new classmates in school located in the slums of Kibera for an entire year – and thanks to our compassionate and generous supporters we are well on our way to achieving our goal.

“The solid financial support from Bread and Water for Africa® in supporting our feeding program is a step in the right direction in enabling our program to reach many more children in dire need within the slums of Nairobi.”

The Seed Foundation operates the school for children ages 3 to 14 in the midst of one of the largest slums on the continent of Africa, and the world.

“Children living in Kibera slums are voiceless and rarely get any education unless they get support from charitable institutions and well-wishers,” explained Patrick. “The Seed Foundation runs a school in Kibera that strives at transforming the lives of these children by offering them hope through education and giving them a regular feeding program while they are in school.

“We thank Bread and Water for Africa® for supporting our feeding program for an entire term. This enabled us to improve the lives of the children and increase their concentration in class. Due to overwhelming needs we are unable to secure support easily from any local institutions.”

Patrick added thanks to the supporters of Bread and Water for Africa® he was assured of having the funds on hand to purchase corn flour, beans, corn, potatoes, onions, tomatoes and green vegetables and fruits depending on the season.

“Upon receiving the grant from Bread and Water for Africa® we were able to start the feeding program on an upper hand, as previously there was no reliability,” he said.

“These children come from over 80 different households. Unfortunately, due to the harsh poverty levels in the slums of Kibera, many of these households live in absolute poverty which denies the children their major basic needs, including education and a balanced diet.”

“We thank the Seed School and their American supporters for helping our children get a chance of attaining decent education besides two meals in daily feeding at school. Previously the children went through a lot of suffering and since they are still very young they were unable to understand the problems that we go through as their parents. Let us hope that this will go on for many years.” — Veronica Adhiambo, Seed School parent


Thank You to the Supporters of Bread and Water for Africa® for a Successful 2019 and a Bright 2020

Thank You to the Supporters of Bread and Water for Africa® for a Successful 2019 and a Bright 2020

As one can see in our 2019 Annual Report, thanks to the supporters of Bread and Water for Africa® we were able to accomplish much in the past year. This includes providing loving homes for hundreds of orphaned and abandoned children in Kenya, Zimbabwe and Zambia, and educations for thousands more.

This past year, we have made fresh, safe and clean drinking water available for thousands by digging wells in Cameroon, Ethiopia and Sierra Leone, sparing them the risk of serious illness, or even death, from drinking from contaminated sources.

In Ethiopia, Cameroon and Sierra Leone, our medical services program has provided medical equipment and supplies to hospitals and clinics which treated more than 100,000 patients alone in the last year. 2019 also marked a milestone for Bread and Water for Africa® upon the completion of a hospital in Cameroon operated by our partner there, Hope Services.

None of these accomplishments would have been possible without the generosity of our compassionate supporters. We have equally big plans projected for 2020 and we hope you will join with us as we continue our mission of improving the lives of thousands of Africans, especially children, every year.

Bega kwa Bega Supports Education Projects in Uganda

Bega kwa Bega Supports Education Projects in Uganda

Education is one of the primary areas of Bread and Water for Africa® partner, Bega kwa Bega (BkB) work in Uganda.

One of the important education projects that BkB does is to provide textbooks and reading materials to schools in remote areas of the country.

“During 2018 and 2019 this was done in collaboration with two other organizations – Bread and Water for Africa® and Books for Africa,” stated BkB founder and director Conche McGarr who founded the organization in 1998.

Bega kwa Bega means “Shoulder to Shoulder in Kiswahili, and that is exactly what Bread and Water for Africa®, BkB and BFA have been doing for the past two years providing more than 22,000 books to 177 schools benefiting 54,878 students and 2,297 teachers – and that is in 2019 alone.

The way our partnership works is that BFA collected the books ordered by BkB, sorted them by category, packaged them and placed the books into a 40-foot sea-container. They also arranged all the shipping and government documents to get the books to Uganda.

Teachers attending a training in Uganda

Thanks to our supporters, Bread and Water for Africa® assumes the cost of actually shipping the books where they are received by BkB for distribution to the schools.

But BkB does more than simply give out books, the organization conducts periodic free Teacher Development Workshops where teachers from the rural schools attend and attend workshops and provided instructions on how to use the books and include them in their lesson plans.

During the four-day workshop in August, registration was limited to 100 trainees, but demand was so great that it was increased to more than 110 teachers who received training in topics including child development, how children learn, daily writing activities for students, effective teaching methods, math, and more.

Students using new textbooks in Uganda

Upon “graduation,” each teacher received a certificate of completion, at least two boxes containing hundreds of books and an assortment of teaching supplies.

“Thank you so much, this project could not have been done without your help and support,” said Conche. “Special thanks to the management, staff and supporters of Bread and Water for Africa®, Books for Africa and Bega kwa Bega for their help and consideration.”

Little girl in Uganda gets safe drinking water at well