A year of Education

A year of Education

In Kenya, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions,
of orphaned and destitute children who have any place to call home, who don’t know where their next meal is coming from, and who have no one to love them and keep them safe.

But thanks to our partners, 54 children have a warm bed to sleep in at night at the Lewa Children’s Home
in Kenya, and 44 more vulnerable children receive basic needs support. In Zambia, Kabwata Orphanage and Transit Centre provides a home for 52 children and provides support for 31 more living in foster care. And at Shinga Development Trust in Zimbabwe, 13 children have a loving home at its newly-opened Lerato Children’s Home.

Program founders and directors Phyllis Keino, Angela Miyanda and Margaret Makambira have become “mothers” to thousands over the years and decades who otherwise would have grown up alone and in despair, with no hope. They now have a brighter future, in large part thanks to the assistance made possible by our supporters.

Hope Services’ Esther Ndichafah: Our ‘Mother Teresa of Cameroon’

Hope Services’ Esther Ndichafah: Our ‘Mother Teresa of Cameroon’

It is not far-fetched to describe our partner Esther Ndichafah, founder and director of our longtime partner Hope Services Ministry International, as the “Mother Teresa of Cameroon.”

We know of no one who has done more for those most in need in her impoverished country whose clinics have provided free and low-cost health care to some 100,000 Cameroonians – especially young mothers with infants and for those whose lives are saved from easily treatable, but potentially fatal, diseases.

In addition, Esther has worked diligently to provide thousands of orphaned and destitute children in Cameroon and Chad with an education – their only pathway to success and out of a life of dire poverty – during our 10-year partnership through a support program which pays the school fees, purchases required school uniforms, and more, all made possible only through the support of people like you.

All of us at Bread and Water for Africa® commend Esther and are constantly amazed by how much she is able to accomplish for thousands of mothers and babies who are today happy and healthy and the children who are filled with hope for a bright future – all made possible thanks to her, and our supporters.

Our International Spokesperson Phyllis Keino Receives Humanitarian Award

Our International Spokesperson Phyllis Keino Receives Humanitarian Award

For the last 50 years, Bread and Water for Africa® international spokesperson Phyllis Keino has been “a mother to thousands” of children rescued from the streets of Eldoret, Kenya who have been lovingly taken in by the woman they grow to call “mum.”

In recognition of her efforts, Phyllis, founder of the Lewa Children’s Home, was recently notified that she will be presented Humanitarian Award for 2018 by World of Children for her tireless efforts in providing a loving home for orphaned and destitute children, as well as striving to ensure that they get the education they need for a bright and successful future.

Described as a real-life hero, Phyllis is being recognized as having dramatically improved the lives of at-risk children through high-impact programs including providing them with a safe home, medical care, a first-class education, and a caring family environment.

The organization receives thousands of nominations from around the world every year and uses a rigorous vetting process to select honorees, including extensive on-site investigations and an independent audit of each finalist.

The award is recognized by the media as the “Nobel Prize for Child Advocates.”

From all of us here at Bread and Water for Africa® and on behalf of all of our supporters who have assisted Phyllis in the realization of her dream for more than 20 years we offer our heartfelt “Congratulations!” to her in the knowledge that it is well-deserved.

An Education for Marcel in One of the Poorest Countries in the World

An Education for Marcel in One of the Poorest Countries in the World

Marcel, 16, is an orphan in one of the poorest countries in the world – Chad – and as a bright young man, he knows his only hope out of a life of dire poverty begins with graduating secondary school. In addition to finding enough food to eat and water to drink, Marcel’s main priority in life was to be able to continue attending the Government Secondary School – Belaba, in the small village of Lolo, where he is a Form 4 (sophomore) student.

Thanks to the supporters of Bread and Water for Africa®, Marcel’s worries about continuing his education are a thing of the past.

“I had a lot of difficulties with my school fees and having my school outfit,” he told us. “This made me usually go to school in sadness.”

However, his life has been changed since our partner there, Hope Services, selected Marcel as a beneficiary of our school fee program.

“Since I started enjoying sponsorship, I started going to school with a smiling face,” says Marcel. “I’m very happy to be sponsored. I still have the desire to go as far as possible with my studies. I thank Bread and Water for Africa® and Hope Services very much. May God give them the ability to help me more.”

Once we begin assisting a bright, deserving student like Marcel with their school fees, we can continue that assistance until they earn their diploma and the title of “graduate,” which will open many doors for them throughout their lives.

An opportunity for Belitha

An opportunity for Belitha

Sometimes out of the worst situations and darkest days, a bright light is able to shine, and little Belitha is an example of just that.

She was only 9 years old when she arrived at the Kabwata Orphanage and Transit Centre, a longtime partner of Bread and Water for Africa® that provides a loving home for the country’s orphaned, abandoned and destitute children – just like Belitha.

“Her mother was in prison for murder,” we were told by Katwata executive director Angela Miyanda, who added that Belitha had never spent a single day of her life in school.

However, in addition to making sure the young girl had plenty of food and a place to call home, she also enrolled Belitha into a local elementary school, made possible through the Bread and Water for Africa® school fee assistance program.

Although she literally had a lot to learn, Belitha excelled in the classroom and promptly graduated to year two.

When her mother was released from prison, the two were reunited and we are able to continue Belitha’s education while she and her mother get settled back in to each other’s lives.

While we don’t know the circumstances of her mother’s imprisonment and release, we place our full faith in Angela in the knowledge that she knows what’s best for Belitha – and that is for her to remain in school and work towards a brighter future.

Because of people like you, Belitha had a home in what was the worst time in her very young life, and once her immediate needs were met, the opportunity for an education.

And as Angela puts it: “An opportunity she never had before.”