barakaBread and Water for Africa® would like to recognize its partner, the Baraka Farm for its Earth-conscious efforts to improve its water harvesting efforts. Not only does the Baraka Farm, located in Eldoret, Kenya, provide fresh-grown grains, vegetables, and meat and dairy products to the Lewa Children’s Home and Kipkeino School, but their reservoirs also provide water to approximately 2,500 people in the Eldoret community. Jos-educates-children-about-farmIn addition to being a cost-effective means of water harvesting, Baraka Farms recognizes the additional environmental benefits of water reservoirs, such as contributing to soil fertility.

The current reservoirs store rainwater that falls during the rainy season from March to August and guarantees the Lewa Complex and surrounding area an available water source throughout the year.  However, the devastating drought in 2009 almost left the Farm, Home and School without any water at all, a would-be disaster that Farm Manager Jos Creemers knew he never wanted to face again.

wellGiven the worldwide climate changes projected for the years to come, extreme droughts are likely to hit Kenya again. The Baraka Farm quickly acted on this challenge by contacting water experts to develop a cost-effective and environmentally friendly plan to improve water drainage, improve storage capacity and improve storage efficiency to ensure that none of the Lewa projects would have to go without water in the years to come. These improvements will reduce the threat of an unpredictable climate and better prepare the Lewa projects to face extreme weather in the years to come. 

Celebrate Earth Day by being a part of their exciting project and supporting their ongoing efforts to build a sustainable community supplemented by a steady, year-round water supply!