Douala, Cameroon, may be the largest city in the country and its commercial and economic capital, but about 30 percent of the population lives in poverty which is a growing problem due to its steadily increasing population.

Unlike Cameroonians living in rural regions who can grow their own foods, residents of the city are at a disadvantage by living in the port city where there are not many jobs available to them.

Healthcare services for destitute children and families are dismal, and with a life expectancy at birth for infants born in 2012 of 54 years (compared with 78 years in the U.S.), the prospects for a long happy life for a child in Cameroon are dim.

But thanks to you there is good news for the impoverished thousands who need preventative care, or treatment for illness or injury who would otherwise live, or die, without.

For nearly three years, we have been working with our partner there, Hope Services Ministry International on the construction of a desperately-needed health clinic, according to Executive Director Bethelhem Tessema.

“I am pleased to report that this project is now in the final stages,” she announced recently. “The clinic will be fully operational in May, as soon as painting, clearing, and cleaning is completed.

“I look forward to the opening of this clinic.”

And no doubt also are the tens of thousands of future patients who will receive life-lengthening and life-saving treatment there for years to come.

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