Medicines, medical supplies and equipment are always in short supply in the rural regions of sub-Saharan African countries, and with the COVID-19 pandemic continuing its spread throughout the continent these items are needed now more than ever.

This month, we are planning on shipping a 40-foot container full these life-saving supplies and materials to our partner in Sierra Leone, the United Methodist Church – Sierra Leone Annual Conference Health Board (UMC-SLAC HB) for distribution to its clinics and hospitals throughout the country.

This shipment will mark the second of such shipments this year of hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of medicines and medical supplies for clinics and hospitals in communities such as Rotifunk, Kulanda Town, Manokoh, Taiama Town, and others which serve well over 50,000 indigent and low-income Sierra Leoneans every year.

With the coronavirus pandemic starting to spread in May, UMC-SLAC HB health coordinator Catherine Norman reported upon receiving the previous shipment that “The donated medicines and medical supplies were well-timed and with certainty the need was colossal and consequently produced a helpful effect to the eight CHASL health facilities at this time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The United Methodist Church in Sierra Leone began in 1855, and 165 years later is still continuing its efforts to improve the lives of impoverished Sierra Leoneans in the areas of education, community development and especially health care.

(As an aside, we were saddened to learn that UMC Resident Bishop John Yambasu was tragically killed in an automobile accident in August while on his way to preach a funeral service for one of his ministers. He is greatly missed by the UMC community around the world and all Sierra Leoneans, and of course by all of us here at Bread and Water for Africa®.)

As the UMC-SL noted in May following our first shipment in 2020, the result has been an uninterrupted supply of drugs, making for the constant availability of essential medicines always at the ready and free for the impoverished, while maintaining a high standard of quality care.

This partnership has provided “immediate emergency care for thousands of vulnerable Sierra Leoneans who were in desperate need and experiencing life-threatening health conditions,” stated the UMC-SL.

And now, through the generosity and compassion of our supporters, hopefully soon another shipment will be arriving in the country for distribution to the clinics and hospitals where these supplies are needed most.

“Once more thank you for your continued support,” said Catherine.