Earlier this year, before the COVID-19 pandemic had been making inroads into sub-Saharan African countries such as Uganda, Bread and Water for Africa® agreed to support construction of 15 of our partner there, Bega Kwa Bega’s (BkB), water protection projects.

The projects were expected to ensure safe, clean water for drinking, cooking, washing, and bathing for 3,000 Ugandans from 15 surrounding villages at the cost of about $1,000 each by constructing concrete barriers at spring sites to prevent contamination by humans and livestock.

In his request for funding, BkB program manager Ssagala David explained that the water protection project is necessary to protect the health of the residents of the villages through increased sanitation and hygiene made possible through access to uncontaminated water.

“The available community water sources are not safe, not clean, and not enough for the villages,” he told us. “Water is the most pressing need in these communities and is their first request.”

While due to the pandemic the project had to be put on hold this summer, we are pleased to report that now the projects have resumed with the most recent completed one being in the village of Kyangoma in central Uganda.

“The spring provides water for more than 55 houses, a primary school with 310 children, two health centers, and a church,” said BkB administrator Mary Musubika, adding that the water is also created a source of income for members of the community who use it for molding bricks.

“Before protection, it was an open water source shared by both humans and animals such as cows and goats,” she said. “It had been contaminated with the refuse from the runoff rainwater, dirt from the clothes washed near the spring and children could bathe in the water.

“The community members are so grateful now that they have access to a free, clean, safe, and reliable water source which minimizes waterborne illnesses, hence improving hygiene and sanitation.”

We at Bread and Water for Africa® are very grateful for your continued support.

Thank You! Asante Sana!