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Here’s what our reviewers had to say:

“I have had a standing order with Bread and Water for Africa® for a couple of years now and follow their work closely. The more I learn about the excellent work they are doing the more I am convinced my money is being extremely well spent and I am proud to let people know that I have some involvement in such an exceptional charity.”   Richard P, donor – Oct. 5, 2012

“I have watched this charity from a distance for quite some time. It does enormously important, wonderful work in areas of Africa that need all the help they can get. Those involved are talented and committed.”   Steve M., general member of the public – Sept. 28, 2012

“The unique quality of this nongovernmental organization is that it has identified successful, local, community-based African charities in Kenya, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, to name a few, and then partners with them to work together in the areas of health care, education, organic farming, orphan care, and most importantly, water harvesting. Also, it is led by an amazing and tireless woman in Kenya, a nurse, mother to hundreds of orphans no longer, and a true visionary.”  Works with Children, advisor – April 16, 2012