Degendo is a small rural community (pop. 650) in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia where fresh clean water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and livestock is in short supply.

“Like many of the rural kebeles (the smallest administrative unit in the country) in the region, Degendo lacks basic infrastructure including clean water supply sources,” says Yimer Mohamed, a field partner of Bread and Water for Africa® there.

Residents have been relying on small streams for water from the unprotected source which is a major cause of illness in the community, particularly among the children, many of them who suffer from chronic diarrhea which can lead to even more severe illness.

In November we heard from Yimer about his hopes for having a well dug to serve the community for an estimated cost of $11,405.

No doubt that’s a lot of money, however, it amounts to only $17 per person for the 650 children, parents and elders it will serve.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters during the past 33 years, we have been able to save thousands of children from having to walk miles and miles fetching water from contaminated sources for their families and prevented them and tens of thousands more from preventable and potentially deadly illness.

Your gift of just $17 is the equivalent of providing clean safe water for a single child or parent; your gift of $170 will be such for ten.

The need for your help cannot be over-emphasized, please give what you can today.