earth-dayOn April 22nd, the world will come together in celebration of Earth – the planet every one of us so fondly calls ‘home.’ Please join Bread and Water for Africa® in celebrating this year’s Earth Day by doing your part to make sure that our planet stays clean and beautiful for the generations to come.

Every day Bread and Water for Africa® works with its partner programs to give back to the environment. Whether we are training farmers modern farming techniques in Ethiopia through the YETEEM Agro-Pastoral Development Project in Ethiopia or the Shinga Development Organization in Mozambique, or donating seeds to farms across Sierra Leone through the Faith Healing Development Program, Bread and Water for Africa® plants sprouts of hope all over communities in great need.

Mozambique-GardenThrough self-sufficient community farms, like the Baraka Farm in Eldoret, Kenya, we also educate future generations about agriculture and ways they can positively sustain a community with limited resources by providing local farmers with free farming demonstrations.

On April 22nd, help Bread and Water for Africa® celebrate Earth Day by actively giving back to the environment. As President Obama urged Americans, we urge everyone across the world, in every walk of life, “to take action – in your home or your community; at your school or your business – to improve our environment. It can be as simple as riding the bus or the subway at work, making your home more energy-efficient, or organizing your neighbors to clean up a nearby park.”

No matter where you are on Earth Day, you can do your share to give back to the planet; not only can you help out on the 22nd, but make a long-lasting resolution to improve your own relationship with the environment, lessening your carbon footprint, and giving back to your community.

Thank you once again for your support and for your continued concern for the children in Africa!