After months of literally rejoicing upon reports that the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone was waning, and even a prediction by the United Nations’ Ebola chief that “it’s only a matter of weeks” before the outbreak in the country ends, we were shocked and saddened to learn that in early June there has been a resurgence.

According to a World Health Organization report for the week ending June 7, there were 15 confirmed cases in Sierra Leone, the highest weekly total reported since late March.

For our partner there Rev. Francis Mambu, Executive Director of Faith Healing Development Organization and the millions of residents of the county, the news is surely devastating.

Just as it seemed that the deadly Ebola virus, which killed nearly 4,000 residents of the Sierra Leone alone in the past year and sickened thousands more, was eradicated, it has come back, just as the country was beginning to recover economically.

If the recurrence worsens, Bread and Water for Africa® will be there, just as we were last year, providing aid to the sick and supplies for the valiant health care workers risking their own lives to treat them.

We only hope and pray that we won’t have to.