school-waterloo-class-tnThanks to your support, since 2006 the Faith Healing Development Organization (FHDO) in Sierra Lene constructed and maintained schools, that serve a combined total of more than 724 students annually. The need in Sierra Leone is great. Areas ravaged by civil war and deprived of accessible education have now have flourishing schools, thanks to the support from FHDO and our friends like you. Read more about FHDO’s accomplishments in Sierra Leone.

school2-cropped2Education is fundamental to personal development and democracy. The aftermath of the civil war in Sierra Leone left the country with a nearly non-existent educational infrastructure and children were left to roam the streets with no promise of safety and food – much less an education or a brighter future. To date, approximately 69% of Sierra Leoneans are considered illiterate.

It is precisely this lack of infrastructure and path forward for children that led Faith Healing Development Organization and Bread and Water for Africa® to establish schools and encourage enrolment in the districts so ravaged by the civil war and deprived of accessible education. Faith Healing Development Organization currently operates four primary schools and five elementary schools on the outskirts of Freetown, the nation’s capital.

Since 2006 and the construction of these schools, more than 724 students have received and education thanks to the support from Faith Healing Development Organization and our friends like you.

Thanks to your support of our educational programs, FHDO has been able to pave a better future for each child in Sierra Leone, and in turn, build a brighter tomorrow for their country.

Morning General Assembly

Logos School in Grafton

Students at the Waterloo School