educationThe orphaned and abandoned children of Lewa Children’s Home realize the importance of education.

Kipkeino Primary School has long been supported by Bread and Water for Africa® and since it’s construction, it has earned a reputation for quality education, upstanding staff, and efficient facilities. In May of 2012, the students of Kipkeino all partook in a country-wide exam and placed FIRST in all of Kenya according to test scores – thus adding to Kipkeino’s reputation by showing how bright their students are!


Lewa children at the Kipkeino Primary School Nursery eager to participate

As you may know, Kipkeino School students are not only composed of students throughout Eldoret and Kenya, but there is a special place for children from the adjacent Lewa Home at the school. Their tuition is paid for by Bread and Water for Africa® and our supporters like you who know the value of education in a child’s life. The importance of education is especially high for the children of Lewa who are often orphaned or abandoned and have few options in life. Their only chance of advancing in society is to earn an education that will allow them job opportunities.


Kipkeino Primary School’s Computer Lab, where students of all ages come to learn invaluable skills!

Boarding students returned to Kipkeino School for the term on September 3rd and classes started on September 4th. Teachers are hoping to focus on science and math for their upper level classes in order to improve their upcoming exam scores in those subjects. Thanks to support from our supporters throughout the US, Bread and Water for Africa® has been able to continue funding and encouraging successes at Kipkeino School – extra tutoring and homework help has even been offered to the children from Lewa so that they can keep up with the other students at school!


Kipkeino Primary School’s Form 1 Students hard at work!

Thank you, or Asante Sana, for your ongoing support – education is the key to success for the youth of Kenya and your generosity and compassion has made their progress possible! Continue supporting the opportunity of Lewa children to attend Kipkeino School and continue supporting our students’ love for learning!

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