Ethiopian classroomWhile we strive to ensure African children have proper nutrition and access to clean water, we also realize they will likely not get far in life without an education. To that end, Bread and Water for Africa® has partnered with Books for Africa to ship a 40-foot container with 22,000 primary and secondary school books to Ethiopia.

BWA worked with Haramaya University, one of the oldest and most prominent and prestigious universities in Ethiopia, to sponsor five primary schools and 18 secondary schools benefitting nearly 23,000 students. The high school students in Ethiopia will benefit more from these books since all the subjects in the secondary schools are taught in English.

This initiative is in line with our mission to promote literacy for African children in the strong belief education aren’t just an investment in the future of Africa – education is the future of Africa.

And with the books having just arrived in Ethiopia after weeks of crossing the sea on a cargo ship, hopefully as you read this, scores of young Ethiopian scholars will be reading new books made possible through your generosity. Supporting programs like this give thousands a chance at a better life and future.

Book Shipment