Bread and Water for Africa® supports programs in countries such as Cameroon providing all types of assistance to people from the youngest of infants to the most senior of citizens.

But, first and foremost, regardless of age, we cannot let them go hungry.

During the past year, Bread and Water for Africa® provided thousands of dollars in grant funding for an agricultural food sustainability project for our partner there, Hope Outreach International Ministries.

Using 13 acres of land available in the Bueu region of Cameroon, the project will grow basic staple foods – such as plantains and rice – to benefit 250 children who live in four area orphanages in the area as well as 225 elderly local residents and destitute families.

While Hope Outreach International Ministries does not operate those orphanages, it partners with a local children’s home to provide the basic necessities of life.

While the immediate goal for the project is simply to ensure that the children and adults don’t go hungry, in keeping with Bread and Water for Africa®’s priority of self-sufficiency, the long-term goal for the project is to generate revenue to support Home Outreach International Ministries’ programs, such as health care and education, and then reinvesting into the farm’s operations.