agricultureAgriculture comprises about 78% of Sierra Leone’s economy, employing two-thirds of the labor force. Most Sierra Leoneans rely on what they harvest for subsistence and to sell for a modest income.

Through the support of Bread and Water for Africa®, Faith Healing Development Organization provided funding for the implementation of small scale women’s cooperative farming program which provides food for infants and lactating mothers as well as revenue to support the clinic. Women are offered seeds to grow crops like peanuts, rice, cassava, and vegetables to sell. In addition, this programs aims to advocate self-sufficiency in woman with the opportunity to feed their families and sell their excess crops in local markets.

Thanks to you, many families are able to provide their children with daily meals and with enough of an income to support their children’s education.

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Planting at the Faith Healing Deveopment Organization farmland.

Harvesting together.

Drying of harvested rice