Local Partner: Haramaya Health Center/Hiwot Fana Specialized University Hospital

Local Partner Director: Professor Augustin Sesay

Area Served: Eastern Ethiopia

Program Goal:
To provide an exceptional education and educational opportunities to Kenyan children.

Program Services Provided: Haramaya Health Center provides primary medical treatment both inpatient care and outpatient care, and has obstetrics services.

Current Needs: While the clinic is small, it is organized to handle a large number of patients and emphasis is placed on prevention. However, there is a constant shortage of supplies and equipment and serious cases must be referred to other facilities. Needed items include ultrasound equipment, surgical operating room lights and a surgical table. At the hospital, the needs are described as enormous and urgent. The need at the hospital is primarily a lack of supplies and modern equipment, combined with a shortage of doctors.IMG_9020

Program Summary: The focus of the hospital is general medicine. The hospital’s strength is that it is a regional hospital for the eastern part of the country which became a teaching hospital in 2011. It also offers specialties that small clinics cannot offer.