While the AIDS epidemic may have fallen off the front pages in the United States, it remains an urgent and critical problem around the world – particularly in sub-Saharan Africa – causing millions of children to lose one or both of their parents at a very young age, some tragically born with the virus.

At Bread and Water for Africa® we have not forgotten these children, the continent’s most vulnerable people who have no home, no food, no family and no hope. At children’s homes in Zambia – Kabwata Orphanage and Transit Center; Kenya – Lewa Children’s Home; and Zimbabwe – Shinga Development Trust;  thanks to our supporters hundreds of children have a loving home, the food they need to be healthy and survive, a family with a new-found mother and dozens of brothers and sisters and the hope to see a bright future.

Today, December 1, is the World Health Organizations’ World AIDS Day promoting the theme of “Right to health” highlighting the need for all 36.7 million people living with HIV and those who are vulnerable and affected by the epidemic, to reach the goal of universal health coverage.

Under the slogan, “Everybody counts”, WHO is advocating for access to safe, effective, quality and affordable medicines and health care services for all people in need.

According to WHO, the African region is the most affected region, with 25.6 million people living with HIV in 2016. The Africa region also accounts for almost two-thirds of the global total of new HIV infections.

At Bread and Water for Africa®, thanks to our supporters, we are doing all we can to battle the AIDS epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa by providing our partner organizations with the medicines and medical supplies and equipment they need to treat the impoverished sick in their communities, as well as provide the basic needs of the casualties of this devastating epidemic – the children who otherwise would be fending for themselves on the streets.