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Nurse Koroma is pictured second from left in the pink and white dress.

Elizabeth Koroma is among those selfless and dedicated healthcare workers around the world fighting the coronavirus who surely deserve the title of “hero.”

Elizabeth was not only a nurse providing care to patients at the Rokel Clinic in Sierra Leone operated by our longtime partner there, Faith Healing Development Organization (FHDO), for many years but the head of the maternal and child aid nurses at the clinic.

She survived the deadly Ebola virus outbreak which struck the country in 2014 killing thousands while risking her life treating her fellow citizens, but tragically she did not survive the COVID-19 pandemic, FHDO Executive Director Rev. Francis Mambu sadly reported recently.

“She was a very hardworking woman at the clinic and up to the time of her death was working directly under the clinic supervisor preparing monthly reports of the clinic activities,” Rev. Mambu told us.

She fell ill after she contacted coronavirus from a patient and her symptoms became more severe in a matter of a few days.

When she began having trouble breathing, she was transferred to a hospital for more intensive care than she could receive at the rural clinic, succumbing to the illness within a week of first exhibiting symptoms at age 59 leaving behind her husband and a child.

Her swab results confirmed that she was among the 1,427 confirmed coronavirus cases, and 60 deaths reported in the country as of June 29.

At Bread and Water for Africa®, thanks to our supporters, we have long been able to provide financial resources and medicines and medical equipment and supplies to the clinic, along with several other clinics and hospitals in Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Cameroon, and Kenya.

And it is with our heartfelt sadness that we report the death of Nurse Elizabeth who we, Rev. Mambu, her patients and community regard as a true hero who gave her life working every day to save the lives of many of her fellow Sierra Leoneans.

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Nurse Korma is pictured second from left in the pink and white dress