Mother’s Day isn’t just a day to celebrate our moms…it’s a day to celebrate our supermoms. You know who they are. Supermoms are the fearless heroes whose dedication and hard work has helped families across the world avoid hunger, illiteracy, and poverty. Cheers to you supermoms for using your powers to aid impoverished families and better our world.

Let May 10th be the day we highlight the supermom of Bread and Water for Africa® Phyllis Keino, “A Mother to Hundreds of Kenyan Children”.

Phyllis, today and every day, we salute you and your heroic actions. For nearly 40 years, you have dedicated your life to providing shelter, education, food, and unconditional love to the children of Kenya. When orphans had nowhere to call home, Lewa Children’s Home opened its doors to them.

Your efforts could have stopped there, but they didn’t. Phyllis, you noticed that older children in Kenya had limited access to education and put a plan into motion to change this. Your Kipkeino Primary School grants over 400 students a quality education every year.  Without your honorable actions, many children would have faced uncertain fates. We are eternally grateful to you, Phyllis.

Asante Sana! (Thank You!)

From all of us at Bread and Water for Africa®