Mother’s Day has a particularly strong meaning here at Bread and Water for Africa® since so many of our programs are lead by strong women who become mothers to hundreds of children.

Phyllis is a mother to hundredsPhyllis Keino is just one of these admirable women who has dedicated her life to providing shelter, education, and food to the children of Kenya.

Phyllis’ first great project was the founding of the Lewa Children’s Home, located in Eldoret, Kenya which was registered in 1978. This place has given a home to hundreds of orphans now – creating brighter futures for children each year.

But how to feed so many mouths? Phyllis created the Baraka Farm to produce healthy food to nourish these many children. Not only that, but the extra food sold at the local market helps to fund the day-to-day upkeep of the organization.

Last, fulfilling Phyllis’ vision, the KipKeino School was created, a place for not only the children of the Lewa Children’s Home to obtain an education, but also for children in the neighboring communities. This education will allow all of these children to have lives with more opportunity and ultimately create a better future for Kenya and Africa as a whole.

This Mother’s Day as we honor mothers everywhere, remember Phyllis Keino and the many children that who call her mother. Make a gift in Phyllis’ honor here

.Happy Mother's Day Phyllis