Bread and Water for Africa® has been working in Cameroon since 2009, partnering with Hope Services Maternity and Clinic Association in Yaoundé, the capital.

Hope Services’ clinic provides services for pregnant women, lactating mothers, pediatric care and general health services. It is open seven days a week and 24 hours a day to meet the need for the community. The clinic has 40 beds, 48 full-time staff members, 15 part-time workers including 2 accredited doctors, 2 pharmacists and 1 full-time pastor to counsel and minster.

hopeHope Services Ministry has a humanitarian outreach capacity, both in Yaoundé and through outreach to villages in the Northwest Region, of more than 70,000 people per year.

The bakery project in Bangolan is Hope Services’ second project, and Bread and Water for Africa® looks forward to continued success in our partnership.

Read more about the clinic here.

Hope Services’ new bakery

The Bangolan, Cameroon community comes together
to celebrate the opening of the new bakery.

Bread and Water for Africa®‘s Executive Director,
Bethelhem Tessema addresses the Bangolan community
during the opening of the new bakery project.