World Water Day

Access to clean running water is something many of us take for granted.

In Africa, the stories are heartbreaking. Without clean water, people are forced to share watering holes with animals, allowing communities to easily contract waterborne diseases. In addition to poor water sanitation, children and young women must travel by foot up to five miles a day to get water for the family. By the time they get back home they are exhausted. Many of these children are unable to attend school regularly because they spend so much time traveling to retrieve water.

world-water-webThis World Water Day, we at Bread and Water for Africa® would like to invite you to be a part of our projects that provide sustainable and sanitary water sources for communities in Africa. Water is an everyday need and an everyday challenge. You can provide the ongoing support and tools for these people by becoming a Partner for Africa’s Future and by giving your gift today or by singing up to give a monthly gift that will impact thousands of lives.

We ensure that all of our water projects are sustainable, sanitary, and accessible to communities. And we couldn’t do it without the help of the sustained giving from our Partners for Africa’s Future.

In the past, Bread and Water for Africa®, with assistance from generous friends like you, has funded water well projects in Ethiopia, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Zambia, Kenya and Mozambique. In Uganda, for example, Bread and Water for Africa® constructed a water pipeline serving over 30,000 residents in the rural districts!

This World Water Day, we urge you to think sustainable – both in terms of water and in terms of your support for Africa. Become a Partner for Africa’s Future and give the gift of water today!