Kebeneti D.S.A Dispensary


Chairman: Titus Korir

Kericho, Kenya


In rural Kenya, access to healthcare is limited. 
The Kebeneti SDA Dispensary works to by operating a clinic providing medical services to some 200 families with our help.

“To provide quality health services to the community at affordable cost.” 


The current need at the clinic  is simply to be able to expand even further to provide healthcare services to even more people and youth.

Latest News/Blogs

Maize for Lewa

  Corn, or maize as it’s known in Kenya, is a staple food for the residents of the East African country. The maize is grounded into flour to make ugali (imagine grits cooked to the consistency of Playdough). The ugali is eaten with sukuma wiki (collard greens braised...

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Sierra Leone Maternal Care: Meet Mamie Baindu

We don’t always realize how fortunate we are that our mothers had access to prenatal services and a hospital to deliver us in. In Sierra Leone, most women give birth alone in their homes with no midwife or medical aid, putting them at serious risk for...

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