Kenya Drought Increases Hunger RiskThe people of Kenya, like the people of most countries in Africa, rely upon rain-fed agriculture for both income and survival. These people pray every night for rains to nurture their life-sustaining crops so that they and their families may be able to prosper in the coming dry season.

Unfortunately for these people, the wet season, which is supposed to last between March and September, never came this year. Rains were few and far between and crops throughout Kenya have shriveled under the harsh African sun. As next year’s income is reduced to nothing and water wells run dry, Kenya is already in a state of panic over the prospects of survival for the coming year.
An estimated 3.5 million Kenyans are already in need of food aid (up from 2.5 million only months ago). The UN currently projects that over $ 235 million will be needed to tide the country over until next March. Millions of Kenyans are currently eating less than one meal per day and are being forced to sell their livestock for much less than they are worth for fear that they will die of thirst or starvation.

Although this crisis seems overwhelming, here at Bread and Water for Africa® we are trying to do our part to alleviate the suffering in Kenya. Through our partnership with the Baraka Farm, Lewa Children’s Home and Kipkeino School in Eldoret, Kenya, we are currently helping to support almost 300 children, and countless other families in the local community who are either employed or sponsored by one of these three programmes.

Kenya Drought Increases Hunger RiskThe coming months are going to be difficult for these three projects, as well as for the country that they call home. They are preparing for the tumult that they know is right around the corner, and we hope to be able to provide whatever financial support they may need to ensure that their children and their community is kept healthy and safe.

However, we cannot support them without the help of kind friends like you. Please help us prevent needless suffering in Kenya. Donate today to provide for our Kenyan partners in their time of need and to help us fund sustainable agriculture and water projects to prevent future suffering. You can help us make their todays and their tomorrows brighter.
Thank you.