lewa-june2013 is a special year for our volunteer spokesperson, Phyllis Keino, and the oasis of hope she has worked so hard to build – the new Lewa Children’s Home. This year marks Lewa’s 10th anniversary and a celebration of their continued efforts to save and transform the lives of thousands more youth throughout Kenya.


lewa4Situated on a 500-acre plot of land, The Lewa Children’s Home opened its doors as an official part of the Lewa Complex – along with the Baraka Farm and the Kipkeino Primary School – in 2003 to orphaned and abandoned African children. And, thanks to the generosity of our friends and supporters—those doors have remained opened. Although we have been partnering with Phyllis Keino to care for Kenya’s most vulnerable orphans for over 20 years, the orphanage that the children today call “home” became a reality just 10 years ago.

Phyllis-Keino-w-childrenThe construction of the new home provided a permanent, higher quality environment for the children and contributed to the sustainability of Phyllis’ dream to provide children with a safe and loving home. Over the last 10 years, the Children’s Home has grown to be one of our most successful development programs – expanding to include the Kipkeino Primary School and the Baraka Farm for a truly holistic approach to transformation.

Last year on our Safari and Program Tour, our participants fell in love with the little Lady June Chelagat who had a beautiful smile despite a morbid start to life. Lady June was rescued from a latrine where she was left to die at just 6 months old. June-LadyHer life was saved by the Lewa Home – and her story is just one of hundreds of heartbreaking tales that Phyllis has endured over the past ten years. Without your support, Phyllis could not take in the hundreds of emergency cases like June’s that come her way each year. Without your support, Salim would not have received the emergency heart treatment he needed after he was abandoned as a baby by parents who couldn’t afford his medical bills. Without your support, Lewa would not have been able to provide a loving home to so many Kenyan children for the past 10 years – we hope you will celebrate with us!

This year’s Annual Safari and Program Tour to Kenya is a special one – our tour participants will have the chance to celebrate Lewa’s 10th Anniversary with Phyllis, Jos, and all of the children! Find out about their trip by keeping up with our blog at www.breadandwaterforafrica.wordpress.com this August!