Phyllis KeinoOn June 26, 2010, Bread and Water for Africa® held a donor appreciation luncheon with special guest, Phyllis Keino herself! Phyllis is our volunteer spokesperson and her three programs in Eldoret, Kenya have helped their community in many invaluable ways. The purpose of this event was to give donors in the Washington DC metropolitan area the chance to meet Phyllis in person and learn even more about her incredible work.

phyllis-bryan-gabby looking at the storeThe luncheon’s program included a presentation about the Lewa projects, a screening of Bread and Water for Africa’s Lewa Documentary, a very special word of appreciation from Phyllis to all of the donors that have helped her make her dream of a better tomorrow for Kenya’s children come true, and a question and answer session in which Phyllis responded to donor queries about her Lewa programs and life in Eldoret.

foodAll together, the luncheon raised over $600, 100% of which will go to benefit Phyllis’ programs helping orphaned and/or abandoned children in Eldoret, Kenya. These programs include: Baraka FarmLewa Children’s Home and the Kipkeino School.

Bread and Water for Africa® would like to thank all of the luncheon’s participants for making this event such a wonderful success. Here’s what some of the participants had to say about Phyllis…

“Phyllis is such a warm and unselfish human being. What an inspiration!” – Jane Kolar

“I was very impressed with the heart Phyllis has for the children and the community. She is giving these children a chance at a better life.” – Osman Kamara