Lute and Kabus arrived at the Kabwata Orphanage and Transit Center in Zambia at the ages of two and three, respectively, both from very difficult backgrounds. Lute lost her parents, and Kabus was abandoned by an emotionally disabled mother.

After they completed high school in 2017, they attended a teacher training institution and graduated as pre-kindergarten teachers.

Today, Lute and Kabus are teachers at Kabwata’s pre-kindergarten school, which had just opened a few months ago prior to the coronavirus pandemic. Already, they have both been able to provide not only an education for the younger children but shared an example of the caring determination and work ethic needed to succeed.

The story of Lute and Kabus is one of the many success stories which demonstrate how our orphan care and education support programs enable children to reach their full potential and become self-sustaining individuals.