On Dec. 5, 2013, Africa, and the world, lost one of its most venerated leaders – Nelson Mandela, who passed away following a long illness.

Today, July 18, would have been his 96th birthday and we here at Bread and Water for Africa® hope you will join us in honoring the memory and legacy of the man who devoted his life to seeking equality for all South Africans and promoting peace during his tenure as the first black President of South Africa.

Madiba, has he was known by his countrymen, served 27 years in prison for his beliefs and activism but was not filled with hatred for his captors when he was finally released in 1990. Instead he chose to work with his predecessor President F.W. de Klerk to abolish apartheid and establish multiracial elections.

Despite the great strides made by African countries since Mandela’s release, many Africans continue to struggle for the basic necessities – food, clean water, health care, shelter and educational opportunities in order to build a better way of life.

Bread and Water for Africa®’s programs strive to carry on Mandela’s dream of a free society in which all live together in harmony with equal opportunities.

Won’t you please help us?

With your generous support, for more than 16 years, Bread and Water for Africa® has been working to eliminate poverty and increase opportunities in Africa, especially for children.

And as we reflect upon the legacy of Nelson Mandela, please honor his birthday by helping us to change lives in Africa today.

Honor Nelson Mandela’s legacy by changing lives in Africa today!