At the age of three, Mwape tragically lost both of his parents. Shortly thereafter, his only remaining relative- his elderly grandfather – passed away and left Mwape without a caregiver, Like many of Zambia’s orphans, Mwape was from a very poor neighborhood and with no one to look after him, he had a bleak future ahead either living on the streets or winding up in a hospital from malnourishment.

When the Department of Social Welfare brought little Mwape to Angela Miyanda, she took one look at the little boy and knew that she would be able to give him a home at the Kabwata Orphanage and Transit Centre. Ever since, Mwape has thrived on the love he found from his new ‘mum’, Angela, and from his new family at the orphanage. Today, he is becoming a young man, and is already a role model for the younger kids who love to play football (soccer) with their big brother all day long.

Angela knows that, one day, Mwape will need to find his way in the world beyond the walls of the safe haven she’s built for Zambia’s orphans. Thanks to the partnership between Kabwata Orphanage and Bread and Water for Africa, and mostly thanks to our supporters like you, she is able to give children like Mwape the most important tool they need for a productive future: an education.

Your generosity and faith in the potential of orphans like Mwape to make a difference in their own future -and the future of their communities – is what keeps our mission, and the mission of our partners like Angela, alive today. The final term of this academic year starts on September 2nd in Zambia – can you make a gift that will give these children an education all year round?