Bread & Water for Africa was created to help make positive change in Africa by supporting and strengthening grassroots initiatives for self-sufficiency, health and education.

In 2006, through the support of our many generous donors and the hard work and committment of our African parnters, BWA programs and partners provided primary health care, education, food security, food self-sufficiency, vocational skills training and literacy, micro-credit, clean water and orphan care programs to 49,874 African people who needed our help. 

BWA’s current efforts focus on:
* Funding provided to assist 3,800 nomadic families in the Afar Region of Ethiopia with ememrgency food and medical treatment after flooding destroyed their crops and caused w idespread disease, 684 deaths were reported in those communities. And the rebuilding of the only primary school serving three large Afar communities which was  destroyed by the flood.

* Construction of a rural clinic in the Kaweza District of Zambia which will provide primary health care and HIV/AIDS testing, education, treatment and planning to over 5,700 residents of the district.

* Construction of a secondary school in rural Manica, Mozambique for over 800 students.