2014 Annual ReportBread and Water for Africa® is committed to promoting positive change in Africa through grassroots initiatives as they move towards self-sufficiency. Our partners are affecting change in health, nutrition, education, and orphan care, creating a brighter future for Africa through the care of its children and the vulnerable. Look through our Annual Report and learn about the impact that these partners are having on the lives of orphaned children, families, and communities throughout Africa and learn about the stories of Waita and Meseret.

Our efforts are helping provide support to programs in Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Waita is now 21 years old with an education. But her parents died when she and her siblings were children. They were hard-pressed to survive as orphans on their own. However, the Kabwata orphanage took them in where they gained a bed, food, water, people who cared about her and a brighter future.

Meseret wanted to be trained in computer science but could not afford the fees to do so after completing secondary school. Yeteem Children and Destitute Mothers Fund offered free computer-training courses though, and Meseret learned the skills she needed to pursue a career. This created a brighter future for her and her family. Now Meseret works as an assistant at Yeteem gaining experience in teaching and helping others realize their own dreams.