Bread & Water for Africa, Inc.                
Statement of Program Service Accomplishments
June 30, 2005

1) Grassroots Community Development Program – $316,247.00
Programs located in Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Mozambique, the Democratic Republic of Congo, United Kingdom and France funding women’s micro-credit programs, vocational training and skills development programs, internally displaced camp programs and general outreach assistance programs. 19,511 individuals assisted for the year.

2) Children’s Outreach Programs – $193,310.00

Programs in Sierra Leone, Kenya, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Uganda include the support and construction of six primary schools, the support of five orphanages and orphan care programs, one infant feeding program and children’s general care and education programs. 12,483 individuals served for the year.

3) Food Self-Sufficiency Programs – $102,813.00
Programs located in Kenya, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Uganda, Mozambique and Zambia provide funding for grassroots initiatives for two women’s heifer programs, three women’s cooperative gardening programs, eight community cooperative gardening programs, two farms to support and supply food for orphanage programs and one program teaching nomads how to grow their food. 5,408 individuals served for the year.

4) Medical Programs – $99,148.00

Programs located in Sierra Leone and Somalia including eleven total clinics, nine maternal health and under five clinics and two general health clinics. All care provide at no or very low cost. 32,667 individuals served for the year.

5) Clean Water Programs – $41,500.00
Programs located in Sierra Leone and Uganda include a large scale, district wide, gravity fed water system with over 100 local taps, three large water wells, two pit latrine stands and the protection of two local water sources. 28,932 individuals served for the year.

6) Disaster Relief Programs – $5,000.00

Responded to the needs in Northern Somalia after the December 2004 Tsunami which killed over 100 people and destroyed the livelihood of many fisherman and other people living near the coast. Funding was provided for the purchase of new fishing equipment and for the provision of food to over 500 people in the area left with no way to earn an income. Over 1,500 individuals assisted.