Clean Water Program


Water is life! We support programs that provide access to clean water and educate Africans about the importance of clean water for the prevention of diseases and the safe use and collection of water.



students and staff at the Harbu Full Cycle Elementary SchoSchool in Kombulcha, Wollo, use the water well.

More than 300 orphans and residents of the rutile Community now benefit fromt the water purificatin project completeed in May 2018

Latest News/Blogs

Degendo Well

Degendo is a small rural community (pop. 650) in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia where fresh clean water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and livestock is in short supply. “Like many of the rural kebeles (the smallest administrative unit in the country) in the region,...

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Water and Chicken Project in Sierra Leone

In the United States, access to clean water and having an abundant supply of farm-fresh eggs for cooking and baking are taken for granted. Very few homes in the U.S. don’t have running water and a carton of eggs in the refrigerator. That’s not the case in Sierra...

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Water Sachets (packets) Provide Safe Relief from Thirst

Moriba Town, Sierra Leone, has an estimated population of more than 5,000, and thousands more in the surrounding towns and villages of the Bonthe District. However, in the impoverished country “access to [clean water] in the provinces is a big challenge...

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