Health Care Program

We are working with our partners in Cameroon, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone and Zambia to provide access to health care services for tens of thousands. In Cameroon, your support has helped us to construct a clinic and a primary school.


people received medical care, counseling and health education from the Faith Healing Development Organization, Christian Health Association of Sierra Leone and the Panguma Catholic Mission Hospital in Sierra Leone.

people received medical benefits from the Haramaya University Health Care Program through five hospitals and nine clinics in Ethiopia which was made possible by the donation of three 40-foot containers filled with medicines and medical supplies shipped to Haramaya.

residents were provided with free or low-cost healthcare through the Kebeneti SDA Dispensary in Kericho, Kenya with laboratory equipment and medical supplies which are critical to the operation of the clinic.

Latest News/Blogs

Maize for Lewa

  Corn, or maize as it’s known in Kenya, is a staple food for the residents of the East African country. The maize is grounded into flour to make ugali (imagine grits cooked to the consistency of Playdough). The ugali is eaten with sukuma wiki (collard greens braised...

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