Income Generation Program

With your support, can provide our partners with financial grants to help them realize their dream of long-term self-sufficiency. These grants provide the seed money to develop their projects which will raise the money necessary to operate their programs so that they will no longer need funding from outside sources.




fish were harvested and sold at the market, upon completion of the Project II Fish Farming Project.

Latest News/Blogs

Harvest Time is Now in sub-Saharan Africa

Right now it’s harvest time throughout sub-Saharan Africa including the countries where we support farming operations to Baraka Farm in Kenya which provides food and support to the Lewa Children’s Home, to the smallholder farmers who subsist on what they can grow on...

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Tractor for Sierra Leone

In Sierra Leone, the soil and growing conditions are ideal for large-scale farming. But people are starving because of a lack of farming equipment necessary to cultivate large tracts of land which tragically lay fallow. However, thanks to our supporters, this fall we...

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A New Poultry Facility for Sierra Leone

Five thousand chickens is a lot of chickens – especially in an impoverished country such as Sierra Leone. Many go hungry for days on end and chicken is a delicacy compared with the everyday meal of beans and rice.   “The evidence suggests that Sierra Leoneans love...

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