Orphan Care Program

For two decades, our partners operating in African villages and local communities have been working to provide loving homes for orphans. This includes the basic necessities of food, clean water and health care, as well as an education so they can build a better life as they enter adulthood.

 “Thank you for making me the person I am today. I live, smile, and hope because of you.” –Michellefrom Kabawata Orphanage and Transit Center, Zambia



children living at the Lewa Children’s home in Kenya and the Kabwata Orphanage and Transit Centre in Zambia received support for all of their basic needs, including food, education, healthcare and counseling.

children living in foster care received food support, a living allowance, assistance with school fees, and basic healthcare support through the Kabwata Orphange and Transit Centre Outreach Program.

orphaned children living at the Lerato Children’s Village in Zimbabwe were provided with all of their basic needs, including education, healthcare and counseling.

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