For a student to excel in any subject, they first must master the skill of reading – which, of course, requires books, lots and lots of books.

That is why this month Bread and Water for Africa® is shipping a 40-foot container full of books (estimated at 22,000) to Wollo University in northern Ethiopia which sponsors 44 high schools and 17 primary schools for the book project. The books are expected to arrive in Ethiopia by mid-May and be distributed to the schools’ libraries, ultimately benefiting 44,938 high school and 16,696 primary school students.

As high school students in Ethiopia are taught in English, the books will go a long way towards promoting literacy which will carry them through school regardless of the class.

It is our sincere wish that providing these tens of thousands of students with access to thousands of books instills in them a desire to read about many topics and opens up countless worlds to them. It is a wish we are certain will come true.