school-waterloo-class-tnYour past support has helped to renovate the Waterloo School from its previous tin structure to a proper school building conducive to learning! Read on for an update on construction!


The old Waterloo Primary School


Our partner in Sierra Leone, the Faith Healing and Development Organization, has worked tirelessly to construct and operate the Waterloo School — supported by Bread and Water for Africa® and our friends like you. The Waterloo School began as a tin structure with the bare minimum of supplies. It was a struggle for teachers to effectively teach classes or maintain a regular curriculum due to the lack of supplies and the fact that students would get soaked if it rained during the school day!


Today, staff at the Waterloo School are working hard to accommodate 115 students from nursery to Grade 5 in makeshift classes while progress is well underway to create an actual school building for all Waterloo School students! Take a look at some of our photos to see children attending class in the partially constructed building – which is still proving to be an upgrade from their previously dilapidated learning environment.

The foundation has been laid, the steel frame is up, and we hope to share news soon of the school’s grand opening that will allow for additional enrollment and a true learning environment for the children of Sierra Leone.

$12 could pay a child’s school fees for an entire year in Sierra Leone.

$100 could pay a teacher’s salary for a month in Sierra Leone.