What are some of our organization’s 2013 resolutions?

Continue our mission goals to ensure sustainability at all of our projects in Africa.


In the increasingly unstable world economy and climate, it is so critical that we remember our priority of ensuring sustainable change for our partners in Africa. This year, we hope to continue fundraising for income-generating projects that can provide a long-term source of financial support for the orphanages, schools, or clinics that our partners may be operating. An early way we will be able to do this is through a bakery project through Hope Services in Cameroon. They hope to begin this project in the first half of the year and we aim to provide any support we can!

bananaslgSome examples of where we have been successful in this goal so far include Baraka Farm in Kenya, the Kabwata Orphanage and Transit Centre’s Banana Plantation in Zambia, and the Faith Healing and Development Organization’s bakery project in Sierra Leone.

Increase our outreach, change more lives, and bring more smiles to the faces of African children.

It’s a tough economy and climate for charities. But we have no intention of slowing down! This year we hope to reach even more communities and families in need of our support as they break cycles of poverty and gain accessibility to clean water, sustainable food, and an education.