Salale University

Program Director: Dr. Tadesse Birhanu Tessema

Areas Served: Fitche Town, North Shawa Zone of Oromia Region of Ethiopia

Mission: To produce competent and innovative citizens at all levels through Regular, Continuing and Distance Education modes; undertake problem solving research in order to improve the livelihood of the society through technology transfer activities and to provide various community-based service to fulfill the gaps that are found in the society.

Salale University is one of 11 universities constructed in recent years to address the development needs of communities of more rural communities in the country.

“The university is designed to be a center of teaching and learning as well as research in a wide range of fields to meet the growing demand of trained manpower of the country,” states its Facebook page.

“Ethiopia is committed to the equitable distribution of universities,” stated the Ethiopian News Agency. “Salale University will be instrumental in enhancing technological development and research programs for agricultural productivity.”



Current need: They reported that the greatest educational need was to address the severe shortage of teaching materials, specifically reference books, at the preparatory and secondary schools educating more than 35,000 students in the region served by the new university.



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