Shinga Development Trust

Founder and Director Margaret Makambira

Mature, Zimbabwe


The program goals of Shinga Development Trust are to provide primary school educations for young children, orphan care, food self-sufficiency, women’s literacy and vocational skills training. Working with Bread and Water for Africa®, Shinga serves hundreds of children and adults, instilling in them hope for a better life.


Current need: Funding to be able to house up to 20 children to lead them on a path to self-reliance, and to sponsor more children for the school fee support program.

Latest News/Blogs

A success story from Zimbabwe

“One day I will be Dr. Daniel Kabweza,” says Daniel, who thanks to our supporters was able to not just attend school, but excel. He is now set to graduate and looks forward to going to university to study medicine. Daniel is one of 58 primary and high school students...

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Mothers to Those Who Need It

On December 9, 1988, the board of directors of Christian Relief Services agreed to provide support to a fledgling orphanage in the town of Eldoret, Kenya. And with that, Christian Relief Services, the umbrella organization of Bread and Water for Africa®, took the...

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