newbornWhen 15 year-old school girl Lahai was impregnated by a young boy, she was disowned by her parents and shunned by friends. Left to survive the streets with no food, money or shelter, Lahai turned to El-Shaddai clinic, one of the clinics run by Faith Healing Development Organization (FHDO) for help with prenatal care and food. For girls in Sierra Leone who find themselves in Lahai’s position, the outcome is usually inevitable: death during child birth due to lack of medical or educational resources they need to care for themselves and their baby.

Luckily for Lahai, she survived childbirth with the help of El-Shaddai Clinic in Rokel, Sierra Leone. El-Shaddai clinic is one of the four clinics established and operated by Faith Healing Development Organization (FHDO). If FHDO hadn’t helped Lahai with food and basic necessities, she would not be alive today. In Sierra Leone, the mortality rate for children under five and mothers giving birth are the highest in the world. Your support and FHDO’s expertise ensured that Lahai did not simply become part of another grim statistic.

In 2011, the President of Sierra Leone introduced free access to healthcare services for targeted groups of women, lactating mothers, and children below the age of five. While this shows a significant step towards progress, hospitals and clinics still need support in order to provide quality care. In order for small clinics like El-Shaddai to continue running, FHDO is left to carry the burden of providing the supplies and assistance needed.

With the help of Bread and Water for Africa®, Faith Healing Development Organization is working to bring about sustainable growth and development for so many people in Sierra Leone through the provision of healthcare facilities, agriculture, schools, and vocational and technical institutions.

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A young mother rests after delivery in a FHDO clinic.

A pregnant woman being inspected by a nurse.

A young mother to be (right) waits in the Labor Ward in FHDO’s Bunumbu Clinic.